Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rubik Cube Wonder

I am in rubik cube wonder this morning. For those of you familiar with the Montreal metro system, I watched a guy solve his rubik cube in the time it took to travel from Lionel Groulx to Villa Maria. (Say 7 minutes max).

I have NEVER solved a rubik cube, not unless you consider peeling the stickers off as counting. Yes, that's right, I'm sticker peeler!


What was particularly amazing about this was the concentration he had when everyone around him was secretly watching him. He'd get close and then seem to lose it and then all of a sudden seem even closer to completing it. Everyone around him all had these small smiles on their faces as they realized that he was actually going to do it! I felt like clapping when he did it! Yup, clapping. The little girl inside of me was filled with secret mirth over his triumph over the rubik cube... vicarious vindication over that tricky hunk of plastic at long last!

Every now and again the metro ride to work is really a wonderful thing!

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