Wednesday, May 27, 2009

morning commutes

There was once a time when this highway terrified me. Absolutely petrified me. In fact, driving it felt like being crammed between 2 equally dangerous lanes of traffic, barreling down the way beside me at such a speed that even if I wanted to slow down and get into the slow lane it was physically impossible. I thought that this would never be a highway that I would be able to drive without a co-pilot letting me know what was going on on the passenger side lane, while I concentrated on the driver's side. Merging on and off filled me with abject terror and people cutting in in front or behind me made my palms sweat at the steering wheel.
My how times have changed. 8 years later, I drive this highway daily on my commute to work. I've learned to negotiate the short raised ramp merges and cram myself in between cars by just forcing my way into traffic, because guess what, that's what driver's expect. And for all of this raised highway's 3 lanes of intense driving, people always let you in because there is a quasi shared anger/sympathy that rules the road here.
It's both a frightening and beautiful thing.

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