Thursday, May 14, 2009

Oh the things you'll learn...

Some days, when I sit back, I am somewhat awed by the things my job teaches me. This week alone I have learned (from student papers) about bioremediation, how chemicals impact our sense of love, water shortages in Asia and Canada, the normalization of breast feeding, human rights and globalizaton issue in the Congo and Ivory Coast, and Turkish melodies used in Mozart's Don Giovanni. It's been a busy week!

As much as students think that I am helping and teaching them, they are sometimes completely unaware of the impact they are having on me. I mean, for example, did you know that the majority of Canadian drinking water is underground? I didn't. Or that bioremediation (the introduction of micro-organisms in toxic regions) can actually heal pollution and is ofen more cost effective? Or what about the fact that Mozart used Turkish musical elements in Don Giovanni to convey a sense of chaos and instability in the main character of the opera?

I have learned interesting information ranging from cultural behaviour to Rastafarianism to environmental management to the Black Panther Party to the effects of the diamond trade on the Congo. All from my students. The things teaching teaches are really incredible.

Today I [heart] my profession.

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