Friday, June 19, 2009

abstinence education

From the Nation:

There was the Virginia Beach teacher who told her ninth graders they could be arrested for having premarital sex. And the abstinence teacher who explained to the young women in his class that women are like wrapped lollipops, and that after having sex they're nothing more than "poorly wrapped, saliva-fouled suckers."

Not only is this just disturbing for the sake that it is disturbing, the last comment upsets me because it teaches boys that once women have sex they are used goods and it continues to glorify and fetishize the "virgin myth." Society is far too fixated on the purity of women and too many men are way too enamoured with virgins, or at least the idea of female virginity.

Sure, maybe teens are sometimes too young for sex (hell they probably all are), but the fact of the matter is, is that they're doing it so telling them shit like you can be arrested is just the most ridiculous way ever to teach safe sex. Seriously. The sheer stupidity of people sometimes just overwhelms me. Whatever happened to making informed choices?
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