Thursday, June 4, 2009

all rosy

I think I've sunburnt my eyelids. Seriously. Is that possible?

Life has been a series of happy events lately:
  • our wedding bands have arrived (I pick them up tonight)
  • I cut my hair and I love it
  • found a very cute new flapper style dress to wear to a friend's wedding next weekend
  • work has been calm and yet busy enough to be good
  • I got to play volleyball and get paid for it today
  • found a great and creative solution to a wedding problem that has been causing me much angst
  • saw a really great movie last night
A friend and I went and saw the Brothers Bloom and I really enjoyed it. In fact, it led me to thinking about how films with this particular aesthetic/surrealism always fill me with a sense of nostalgic longing. Not for a time in the past, but for a vision of a life I once longed for (meaning an ecclectic, boho, nomadic artsy lifestyle). It really left me wondering why films like this (I heart Huckabees, The Royal Tennenbaums, The Darjeeling Limited, Broken Flowers, etc) always fill me with creative drive and energy. Unlike so many movies out there, there's something about this particular type of film that makes me want to rent out a studio space and take up painting, or write a novel while travelling through India and Thailand. I was reminded of an ideal vision that I used to have for myself. I don't know how to put the idea into words, but I'm working on it.
I think there's just something about it that appealed to my nutty, eccentric, arsty character. I sympathesize with the characters, I'm compelled by the beauty of the visual style/art, I love the philosophical undertones...
Whatever, I just really dig it when a movie makes me think and makes me want to bring more art, adventure, and general zaniness back into my life. I need to start roller-skating at midnight in the rain again!

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