Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kamala Das

If you don't know her poetry, you should. (click photo for an interesting article)

Kamala Das was an Indian poet who wrote racy, erotic, feminist poetry. She converted to Islam, lived through Partition, and was quite the shit-disturbing, controversial figure!

The Looking Glass
by Kamala Das

Getting a man to love you is easy
Only be honest about your wants as
Woman. Stand nude before the glass with him
So that he sees himself the stronger one
And believes it so, and you so much more
Softer, younger, lovelier. Admit your
Admiration. Notice the perfection
Of his limbs, his eyes reddening under
The shower, the shy walk across the bathroom floor,
Dropping towels, and the jerky way he
Urinates. All the fond details that make
Him male and your only man. Gift him all,
Gift him what makes you woman, the scent of
Long hair, the musk of sweat between the breasts,
The warm shock of menstrual blood, and all your
Endless female hungers. Oh yes, getting
A man to love is easy, but living
Without him afterwards may have to be
Faced. A living without life when you move
Around, meeting strangers, with your eyes that
Gave up their search, with ears that hear only
His last voice calling out your name and your
Body which once under his touch had gleamed
Like burnished brass, now drab and destitute.

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  1. That really is beautiful and sad. I'm definitely going to look into her work! Thanks Marya!



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