Sunday, June 28, 2009

a quiet sunday afternoon

After a hectic couple of days of stitching and bitching, drinks on the patio, dinner with a friend, swimming in the country, BBQs with the cousins, surprise 30th birthday parties and a farewell party for a friend, it's nice to enjoy a quiet afternoon. My vacation days have been busy... I need a vacation from my vacation!

After a lovely brunch with a friend, bike ride with the boy, mailing of wedding invites and reserving a hotel for Grandma. I'm now sitting here blogging with the cat on my lap thinking: Holy moly: this wedding thing is starting to become a reality.

Ironically, with all the various wedding stresses in the past, I'm actually looking forward to the last leg of planning because for me, the fun is in the extra little details! No I won't reveal them, I can keep some things secret! (not many, but some). Suffice to say, I'm digging the little decor elements that I'm currently planning. Hair and nails, I don't really care, but table seat cards, wedding programs, and ring bearing pillows... NOW we're talking about wedding porn baby!

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