Sunday, June 28, 2009

what comes next: crafts and lists galore!

Throughout the course of wedding planning I've struggled with a great deal of frustration and disappointment. Some of this I know is normal to all brides and all weddings, some of it is situation specific because of the individual pressures we face as a couple from our families, and some of it is directly related to the fact that I'm making some major compromises in terms of this wedding in order to appease his parents.

The thing is, I grew up on the west coast of Canada surrounded by people who tend to have very low key, back yard, beach affair type weddings, which is not to say that elaborate weddings don't happen on the west coast, just that the wedding factory wedding is a little less common in my circle of friends and was never what I envisioned for myself. On top of which, I was raised by a very pragmatic Dutch mother so spending vast amounts of money on one day of my life (instead of putting it towards something practical) kind of goes against the grain.

But all that said, I am working on finding the positive in and amongst all of my various wedding woes, however difficult that may be at times. (From where, to what religion, to having flower girls (seriously even the decision to not have a flower girl has come under attack) to the dress I'm wearing and the food we're serving). Anyways, I feel like we've gotten through the worst of the arguments to be had with family. Or rather, I've just gotten a thicker skin, learned not to talk to parents about it until the decision is made and no longer changeable, or we've just gotten better at saying no as a couple! (This might be the best thing that wedding planning brings into our relationship... who knows!) :)

Whatever, our wedding invites are in the mail and now, with just over 3 months, it's down to the details.

And well, I'm excited about the details. Card boxes, wedding favours, seating chart cards, ceremony programs... these things fill me with excitement. It may be dumb and I may be a total glutton for punishment, but this is the part that I look most forward to! I know that the planning is starting to get down to the wire, but I'm looking forward to all of what comes next. I love lists and planning and arranging, as sick as that may actually sound!

Here are some of the projects I'm sure of doing (I'll post pics of my finished versions when I'm done!):

Seating "cards" (idea from the knot - we're working with an Asian fusion type motif, so these are perfect!)

Wedding ceremony program fans (see previous posts if you're curious)

Ring pillows (I'm leaning towards the book, but something a little simpler, meaning without the flower I find hideous!) Book idea from Once Wed

Other projects:

-making welcome baskets
-buying fortune cookies, wrapping a ribbon and card that says something along the lines of:

Marya and Paul would like to share their good fortune. In lieu of wedding favours they have made a donation to [insert charity here].

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