Wednesday, July 8, 2009

am I really old enough to buy a house? mom?

Recently we adventured out to look at a house that had caught our eye on a real estate site. Smaller than the house I grew up with, this particular house reminded me of the Victorian homes in the neighbourhood I grew up in. I'm a sucker for Victorian and Tudor style houses.

(see photo for a house I used to pass on a regular basis on my walk home ... I love this house... click on picture to go to a slideshow by the photographer of historical homes and locations in my home town).


I realized as we were looking at the location and outside of this house that even though I'm 32, about to get married, and have a career job, I still feel too young to look for a house to buy. I can't possibly call a realtor cause I have NO IDEA what I'm doing! I'm still playing at being grown up! Which is ironic because of course I'm an adult and I'm more than old enough to look at buying property. But I still feel it nonetheless. I feel like a realtor is going to take one look at me and think she can't possibly handle such a mature decision.

Which makes me wonder: Do we ever get to an age where we actually feel like we're adults? Will I be 60 before I feel like I might know what I'm doing in life?

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