Friday, July 3, 2009


Photo Credit: Tourisme Montreal

As Paul and I talk more and more about the idea of buying a house (or rather, I talk about whether I want to move off the island or not, and he listens oh so patiently - I love my boy... he's so very zen-like in his patience for my indecisive angst)... anyways... as we/I talk about the merits of leaving the island in search for a house vs a condo, I find myself contemplating the wonder that is Montreal. Because for all that I complain about the weather or bad drivers and traffic or the metro commute or whatever else I find to complain about, I love this city.

I [heart] Montreal for oh so many reasons. For its ethnic and cultural diversity, its ability to constantly confound me, the beautiful architecture, the strange predominance of wartime bungaloes outside the downtown core, its amazingly intricate history, new neighbourhoods and surprise discoveries, la joie de vivre, the amazing myriad of restaurants, the fact that really I have no excuse to ever be bored in this city, and oh so many more countless reasons.

Every time I discover a new corner of the city, I am surprised and intrigued. Will my love affair with Montreal never end? As much as I miss the great outdoors, the ocean, home (the west coast), Montreal is the only other place in Canada that could ever be home to me. I love learning all of her secrets and a recent website discovery has been feeding my obsessive curiousity:

From this site I've learned that Chinatown used to be a Jewish quartier until 1920, that the Expo dome covering burnt down, that the old St Henri area that I lived in is called la village des tanneries (a past I had no knowledge of when I lived there), and various other interesting tidbits about the city. Yup, it is fodder for my curiousity. And after almost 9 years in this city (Oct 2009 = 9years), it's gratifying to learn more about the place I've chosen to live.

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