Wednesday, July 29, 2009

strange dream, beautiful scenery, and sangria

From 2009-07-28 summer 2009

Photo from our recent hiking adventure in Mont Bruno. I loved the greenery, it reminded me of home.

I feel groggy this morning and I'm not sure if it's from the heat last night, the bad dream I had, or the sangria. My vote goes for the heat and the dream because the sangria was just too yummy to be the cause!

I had this psychotic dream about this house that was being fixed up/moved out of. While waiting for someone to finish backing I went exploring and heard this young boy calling out help me, help me. So I go to where I hear the voice and open the door. This young kid stares up at me in fear and I pick him up and call to the other person in the dream, who comes and joins us. As I'm trying to leave the room with the boy in my arm, my ankles keep getting bitten (small sharp teeth bites - maybe mayla (my cat) was biting me in my sleep???). I yelled at the boy and my partner to stop but they both claimed it wasn't them and the boy starts looking really scared. The problem with the biting is that it keeps causing me to trip over my feet and makes it hard to get out of the room. Eventually I push through the bites, make a joke about the house having evil fairies and pull the door shut. But the door won't shut properly because the latch won't catch.

We (my partner and I) try to pull the door shut but it continues to pop open. I don't know why but we both know it's important for the door to be shut (perhaps because the boy was so scared of the room). Right next to the door is another door which is also loose. The boy seems even more terrified of that door. So my partner goes to get some boards to nail the doors shut. He comes back and we successfully close the first one and then start on the 2nd. But something about the shape of the door makes it impossible and then finally a small long haired blonde woman comes out of the room.

I start talking to her and she tells me that I have to put the boy back into the first room. I reply that I won't because he's obviously terrified. We argue. Then I notice that her mouth is covered in blood. And as I notice this, she lunges for me and the boy is suddenly at my feet. That's when I woke up, feeling very uneasy I might add.

Yeah... freaky! I haven't had a dream like that in a long time and I have no idea where it came from. Maybe I've been reading too many vampire stories!!!

But then I think that Katie, Mark and I were joking about creating a horror movie set in Bled, Slovenia and wonder if this couldn't work itself into that plotline. Hmmmm.... I'm working on ways to make my millions, even in my dreams!

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