Thursday, July 16, 2009

things not commonly known about me

1. I cry and laugh out loud when I read. I do this more often when I read than when I watch movies.

2. I talk to myself, regularly, everywhere (except when people can hear me), and even laugh at myself in public over a train of thought running through my mind that amuses me.

3. I secretly think that chickens are dumb and ugly and scary and kinda/sorta deserve to die, and if I went back to meat eating, they'd be the first thing I'd eat (but only if they're free range and organic... cause chickens are nasty!)

4. Even though I'm a feminist and lit geek, I have a secret delight/love for historical romances. Yes, the trashy ones. I can't help it, I dig the smut and the heaving busts!

5. I was once a princess in a gay pride parade as a child.

6. After "borrowing" my parents new car, I almost ran over a sign lady on a camping roadtrip with 2 friends to Tofino.

7. I've had 29 roomates in 12 years, in 6 different cities.

8. Despite being a pacifist, I was a sea cadet as a teenager, which means I can also sail and shoot a gun (scary!!!).

9. Even though I teach English and work individually with college students to improve their academic skills, I can't use a comma properly to save my life!

10. My first languages were: Polish, Dutch, and English, in that order. Now I can only speak English and French.

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