Friday, August 28, 2009

the agnostic attends a catholic marriage preparation course

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This weekend the boy and I are off to our Catholic marriage preparation course. It starts tonight at 7pm and lasts until Sunday at 4pm. (We go home at night…) I’m not really sure what to expect out of the experience. Couples we know who have done the course before us have all said that they enjoyed it but I’m not really sure if we’ll feel the same.


I suspect the main reason will be because we already live together and the couples we know weren’t living together before they got married. Things like finances, chores, and children are all things we’ve discussed before and continue to discuss. We’re 32 and 33, not 24. There may be some surprises, but I think we have a pretty good handle on things. We’ve talked about all of the important issues so far.

Faith, responsibility, values: check.
Sex, money, and family: check.

Besides, I have to admit to feeling trepidation about being completely honest in the course. Am I really going to be able to honestly express my views on religion and our decisions about religion in a room full of Catholics? I’m sure that other couples there won’t be devout Catholics, but what about the leader? What about the practicing Catholics? Worse yet… can we fail the course if I don’t toe the line? GRRRRR…

I’m sure we can’t actually fail the course, but I do feel a bit like the lone witch about to face the Spanish Inquisition. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes…

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