Monday, August 10, 2009

amazing friends and family

2 months until we get married, as of today!
Wedding planning has been bringing out the sentimentalist in me. It's true. I'm on the verge of tears, the happy type, a lot lately. The most recent cause: Camilla, Carole, Sean, and Rebecca. Yes, that's right, you people have brought out my weepy side.

"Why, what did I do?" you may ask... and the answer is your sheer willingness to make the trip, support us, and participate in our wedding. With only a few days left to rsvp, I'm starting to fell awed by the amount of travel my friends and family are willing to do in order to be there for us. Yeah, it's humbling and fills me with love that all these people would take the time to be with us.

My brother who is coming from Arizona; his fiancé who is making the trip from Cambridge, England; our old exchange student Camilla who is trying to arrange to come from Sweden; Carole and Karen, who I've known since grade 4; Ange, Kirsten and Ian flying in from the west coast; Jay and Simone, making the trip from Toronto; countless members of Paul's family making their way from Whitby and Ottawa; and my 75 year old grandma. I can't wait to introduce everyone to my grandma, she's amazing! Just amazing. She's one of my favouritest people on the earth... just thinking about her makes me laugh and feel happy.

So yeah, I am currently feeling very loved and touched by all of the people that have gone out of there way to be there for us. I'm more than a little awed by the fact that we're that important to you that you'd make such a long journey to be there with us. That includes those who live nearer and coming too! I really do have amazing people in my life and I can't even begin to express how sentimental I feel over that particular realization today...

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