Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hilary Clinton loses her cool?

You may have already seen this video but I just had to share it:

Apparently there has been a great deal of hoopla over the idea that she didn't handle the situation very well. I don't know that I agree. Yes, her body language is exasperated, but can you blame her? Seriously? I know she's an ambassador and should maintain diplomatic neutrality but the fact that the man asking the question is bypassing her completely as an individual capable of having worthwhile opinions as the secretary of state (for crying out loud)is utterly ridiculous.

Some people have argued that the translation is off, but regardless of whether or not the wording isn't exact: why is he asking her about her husband?

I know that segments of African culture can be very misogynistic (as can our own), but the nature of the question only serves to reinforce the stereotype. She's in the Congo to discuss helping curb the violence and to propose a rather interesting plan to aide rape victims, and he's asking her about Bill Clinton's opinion. Hello, the point of her trip is completely missed and erased by such an assinine question. I don't blame her for being put out and reacting in a way to put the speaker in his place. She could have been much more outraged, I know I would have!

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