Friday, August 14, 2009

india reborn 2

Watching another segment of the mini-series India Reborn I was horrified and apalled by the comments of the owner of Kingfisher (beer/air). He actually had the nerve to say that poor Indians eat onions, potatoes with garlic and like it. It's simple but the food they like. He went on to say that no one in India dies of starvation.

Oh my god. Seriously. If this is what a local millionaire actually thinks, despite the glaring face of poverty everywhere you turn in India, no wonder India has one of the worse levels of poverty in the world. I'm horrified that he could be so callous and ignorant of the problems in his nation to believe such a thing or so willing to deny any responsibility to help that he completely denies awareness of the issue in order to save face. And I honestly find myself hard pressed to believe the former so am convinced that it all about saving face and denying responsibility.

That said, I really have enjoyed the segments that I've seen in the series. The documentary does a good job showing the different sides of India, from poverty to wealth, from indifference to action. It's very interesting and I'd highly recommend it. The show makes you think about just how divided traditional India is from modern India and the consequences and challenges this raises in the nation.

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