Friday, August 7, 2009

india reborn

Last night I watched a small segment of the 2 part series on CBC called India Reborn. In it, a young Indian woman was preparing to get married in a mock-up Bollywood style wedding ceremony. The price tag was exorbitant. It makes my wedding price tag look paltry.

The show went on to address her response to the poverty around her, the Bollywood films she drew her inspiration from, and the attitude of one of the guards who work for her family in regards to his own 4 year daughter's perspective marriage. The contrast was shocking, albeit expected. For all that I struggle with the dichotomy between my modern values and the expectations of a conservative family, the pressures that I allow myself to get worked up about are nothing compared to the idea of marrying a total stranger, in a wedding pageant that focuses on appearance for the sake of the community. Despite some of the similarities that I tend to scorn, I know that if I'm truly honest about it, my woes are based more on my frustration over not getting things my way than being oppressed by convention. No one was looking to marry me off when I was 4....

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