Thursday, August 20, 2009

no more wedding blogs

It's officially arrived: the date that I stopped looking at wedding porn. I've deleted all but 2 cherished sites (for their written content and not the wedding stuff) from my google reader. I've been inundated for the past months with images of glamourous, vintage, alternative, shabby chick, etc, etc, etc, weddings and I've finally maxed out.

No more wedding porn for me. No more new ideas, no more thinking up new diy projects to put a little more of us into the big day. I'm done. That's right. Aside from finishing up the crafts we have on the go, there will be no more wedding related craftiness to discuss, debate, or dissect.

I'm a little bit relieved and a whole lot of happy! I've enjoyed all the great ideas that have come about from the wedding craftiness quest and have loved all the creative projects that have been spawned from my internet perusals. But the day is here: I'm done. No, not quite all the projects, but all the new ideas.

So thank you internet for inspiring, frustrating, and challenging me. It's been great, but wedding blogs be gone...

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