Monday, August 3, 2009

on being a preteen bookworm

After reading this post, I have to read this book!

From Pandagon:

Lizzie Skurnick has made an art out of addressing the adults who grew out of bookworm children, adults who may still have a taste for overwrought pornography, walking while they read, and books that have a lot of detailed descriptions of food, first in her blog feature Fine Lines at Jezebel and now in her book Shelf Discovery, a collection of posts from the Fine Lines series. Believe me, this book was nearly as hard to put down as Flowers in the Attic was when you were 13 years old. It’s just a series of reviews of YA novels---or books that weren’t really meant to be YA, I’m sure (like Flowers), but became that way because adults have the good sense to toss them against the wall, but kids are absolutely entranced by the fact that they’re reading pornography! and no one! will stop them!

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