Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Comedy of Errors

I've been thinking about posting for a couple of days now and in the process I've realized that I feel like I have writer's block. But then again, maybe it's not actually writer's block but just the fact that I don't want to always be writing about wedding stuff and that life has suddenly started to feel extremely busy.

At work my days are full of diversity projects. I'm starting a new contest for students at the college that is meant to get them thinking about Montreal as a multicultural city and how that impacts their lives. I'm pretty excited to see what kind of response I'll get (the deadline is a long way away though). They can write, create a graphic novel, or take a picture. I hope they get creative. Being on the other end  (mean the judging side of many of these competitions) it's sort of sad to see how few students go off the beaten track and use the creative allowance given them, which is not to say that their stories aren't personal and so forth, but just that they all tend to follow the same format. I've purposely tried to prompt them to think more outside of the box while designing this contest, so I really hope that they take advantage of the fact and submit works that show how creative they can be.

In terms of wedding stuff, I think Paul and I have managed to finish our DIY projects (I just have to print and assemble the last one) which is great. Ceremony programs, ring books, assembling bonbonnieres, seating cranes, and Montreal booklets. All pretty much finished. Both of us have our outfits and hair appointments (someone convinced him to go see his hairdresser on the wedding day..... my boy is fashion conscious!).

We were actually joking the other day about his "beard" and the wedding: I've asked him to keep his goatee for the wedding but his mother is going to hate it.

She's going to be all like (add an Italian type accent for better effect, or if you know how, use a Slovenian accent): "what's wrong with you? Are you crazy with that thing on your face, you don't look clean!"
Paul: "but mom, Marya likes it and wants me to keep it"
Paul's mom: "ah you, you're both crazy"

Trust me, we were both laughing because it's soooo true. It doesn't matter that he'll go to the hairdresser and have it done for him along with his hair, she'll be expecting him to come home clean shaven and will be horrified when he comes home with facial hair. Maybe I should start thinking of the wedding day as a series of comic events meant to make our parents groan! Especially since my period came early this month which means that I'll have it during the wedding. Which also means I'll be pms-ing the week before the wedding!

Marya + period+ white dress = a comedy of errors!

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