Monday, September 14, 2009

girl's weekend: thalis, spas, and politics

When the boy goes out, the girl comes out to play...

I had such a lovely weekend. It was full of girl time and relaxation and was exactly what I needed as the wedding day approaches. Friday night Indian food and beer with a friend from grad school (thank you Heather for loving Indian food as much as I do and always being game for veggie thalis!). And Saturday was brunch and the spa with my old boss, Jen. We went to spa Finlandais and enjoyed the hot baths and I splurged on a facial. It was really nice. Rounded off the weekend with big conversations with Virginia, a friend from undergrad and Karen, whom I've known since college, while I baked cookies and apple crisp. Yup, it was a nice, relaxing weekend, sans Paul. And then Paul came home and we cuddled on the couch and watched a movie together...

I couldn't have asked for a nicer, calmer weekend.

Ironically last night I had my first wedding dream. In it, we forgot the wedding speeches and I mysteriously had a 4 year old daughter with sandy blonde pigtails and blue-green eyes. I didn't tell Paul about the kid part of the dream! I figure that if the worst wedding dream I have is forgetting the speeches, that's totally fine.

In other news, it looks like Canada is gearing up for yet ANOTHER election. While part of me rues the fact that millions of dollars are going to be wasted on an election when we're in a recession, another part of me hopes that this is finally the election that ousts Harper from the government. And even though the election hasn't been called, the fact that there are ads for Ignatieff already out pretty much assures me that it's on its way. Normally I vote according to my conscience and support the party that I believe the most in (really, I live in a Bloc stronghold so voting strategically is a mute point), but now I'm wondering about that option. Do I want to vote for Ignatieff? Anything has got to be better than Harper? Let the numbers speak? Will it make any difference? Or should I vote with my party allegiance and support a party financially even if it has no chance of getting into parliament? I really think that there is something seriously flawed with our electoral system if, even before I vote, I know that my vote is null and void. Sure I can vote to support a party locally but right now I don't care about local governance (the provincial election covers that for me) and I want my vote to be tallied in the total numbers for the figurehead of the nation. I know that the American system has it's own share of flaws but I would really like to see Canadian politics tally the votes by individuals for the political leader vs the local representation. Because then the election might have a bit more relevance for the individual voter in political strongholds.

A girl can dream, can't she?

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