Monday, September 21, 2009

Holiday decoration trials

I'm working on various ideas for holiday ornaments this year and these first drafts of crocheted flowers in the glass bulb is just one amongst many.

One of the things that I find most frustrating and rewarding about crafting is the trial and error process of creating new objects. Sometimes it's very fun and rewarding to come up with new ideas and realize they only need minor modification to make them viable crafts that'd you share.

In the case of these flowers the modifications: different colour, use of a transparent string, no sparkles inside the bulb and a bit of starch/ironing before stuffing them inside the glass.

On the other hand, first version crafts can be so incredibly frustrating because you end up spending time and money over and over again before it's anywhere near being right. And if they never become right there's always the question of what the f* am I going to do with all these shitty objects!!?! I can only use so many aprons or skirts, particularly when many of them are things I wouldn't really wear. So I end up buying cheap materials for first versions but it's a catch 22 really because since I've used materials I don't really like or are bland, even if I like the object, I won't use it... but I don't want to waste good quality materials.

Never ending vicious cycle...

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