Friday, September 25, 2009

vegetarian minestrone soup

I made soup for the first time in ages last night and it was yummy. I'm not much of a soup maker or eater to be honest. It's just one of those foods that I never really think about making, or eating for that matter. But the boy put me in charge of dinner last night and I was suddenly struck by a craving for minestrone soup.

While I was making it, Paul watching throw things into it hap-hazardly, asked: "Is there a recipe for this soup of yours or are you just making it up as you go along."

To which the answer was of course: "Just winging it!" I'm a big fan of just tossing things in as I go. My recipes rarely ever taste the exact same... and I like to call them Marya's shit mix. (I'm nothing if not classy!)

He walked away quietly, grabbing another slice of baguette, hoping for the best. I think he was thrilled when he finally sat down to eat said soup and proclaimed that he really liked it. Phew, he didn't go to bed hungry last night.

Without further ado: Marya's ShitMix Minestrone  (All measurements are approximative)

1 small onion
2 celery stalks
1 tbsp of garlic powder (our fresh garlic was icky)
4 tbsp of italian seasoning
2 tomatoes
1 red pepper
1/4 yellow pepper
1 very large carrot
1 handful of green beans (cut into 3s)
1 can of 6 bean mix (drained and rinsed in order to prevent gas)
2 cubes of vegan herb soup bouillon cubes
2 cups of tomato sauce (leftover marinara sauce from earlier this week but use what you've got!)
pepper to taste (about 1-2 tbsp)
a handful of noodles (added in the last 15 minutes)

First I sauteed the veggies, then added everything and let it cook for an hour on low. Add a couple of slices of baguette on the side and enjoy!

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