Friday, September 4, 2009

Why are there crosses in graveyards?

Every morning I pass this graveyard on my way in to work and am struck by the very large wooden cross that is at it's entrance. I know that the cross is there to bless and sanctify, and watch over the dead, yadda, yadda, yadda.

But why?

I mean, if god created the earth, then shouldn't it follow that all of the earth is essentially good and sacred? Why do we feel the need to sanctify spaces? For example, why can't Catholics get married outside? The Catholic church says that it's not a sacred space but what could be more sacred?

And this cross also makes me wonder: Where the hell do all the dead non-Christians go? (pun intended). Seriously? Where am I supposed to go? I know that there are Jewish cemetaries in town but are there Islamic? Buddhist, or Atheist cemetaries? What if you're a Unitarian and don't want to be burried in a Christian cemetary? What if you're Hindu? Where do your ashes go after cremation?

Sometimes the car ride into work is very thought provoking...

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  1. Well, I can tell you two things: OI have some answers, and for the ones I don't know, it was those questions which pushed me to search, which eventually led me to Islam, after years and years of not understanding why Christians/catholics do things the way they do.

    First of all, yes there are Muslim cemetaries. I am not sure why. I will find out. lol. As far as where and how you want to be buried, cremated, that is all in your control/will and it is important to tell your loved ones (especially your soon-to-be-husband!) how you want it done, where, etc. And I can tell you, nature is the MOST sacred place. seriously. these catholics have some

    I recommend you get the idiot's guide to understanding world religions, or even Understanding Islam (it was the first book I read. very simple, but in-depth) if you want to know more. (which is not to say you are an sorry if it comes off that way).



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