Thursday, October 15, 2009

and off to france i go...

After more than a decade (14 years to be exact) I am finally returning to France. Not to gaie Paris, but to southern France: Nice, Antibes, and Vence. I've always longed to see southern France and the mediteranean sea, and now, finally, I will see both. I'm so very excited. Oh, I know that Nice and the Cote d'Azur will be a touristy destination but that's ok with me. Perhaps Provence would have been more the wine drinking, gourmande vacation I envisioned when I thought about travelling to the south of France, but we can save that for another trip if need be.

Because now that we're married and I don't have to plan a wedding, I'm going to start planning vacations. Paul isn't aware of this yet (he thinks my next obsession will be house hunting, and he's right on some level... but little does he know....)!!

By this time tomorrow, Paul and I will be drinking French wine, overlooking the sea, enjoying life to the fullest! Au revoir mes amis et a bientot!

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