Tuesday, October 27, 2009

how to make the most of condo space: shelving options

Paul doesn't know it yet, but I am currently eyeing this particular shelving collection-combo for the office. The plan? A craft centre extravaganza of organization. With baskets, containers and pretty things galore. Oh yes, my inner office organizing self is in lust with this collection of goodies.
I know he'd never let me do it, but the bright blue room is a variation of my dream craft workspace. It's busy and cheerful and full of practical crafty goodness! Oh yes, when I have a room of my own...

I also have a big crush on the shelf shown below, left (cubby holes). I love it! But would it be practical? Or could I work it into the above design (obviously in the same wood colour...)

He also doesn't know it yet, but I'm also contemplating some shelving in the living room (see corner unit or white shelves with photos). I prefer the shelves in white and think it would be great if we could turn the corner space of the living room wall into a shelved bar/photo montage. Right now we have the cupboard thing that came with the condo and I find it cumbersome and would like to put it in storage in order to open up the floor space.

Really, it's all about creating an illusion of space by bringing things up off the floor and onto the walls. We have crap in the way of storage space, which seems to be a trend in modern condo living developments. I've lived in apartments that had better storage facilities.

In fact, if we were actually serious about staying in the condo for a while, I'd do my damndest to coerce Paul to take the individual shower out, add it to the tub (you know, class old school shower/tub combo) and then turn the shower space in the bathroom into a linen closet. The fact that all new homes seem so keen to waste space by creating solo showers strikes me as the most ridiculous trend in home design. Ok, maybe not the most, but one of the top 10. I get that people hate cleaning the bathtub, but seriously? now I just have 2x the work to do in terms of cleaning and 1/2 the space in my bathroom. Yeah, whoever thought up that bright idea and why so many people love it, is an absolute mystery to me. [End bathroom condo storage rant... ]

 At the end of the day, I really like our home. It has a lot of light, is relatively central, still on the island of Montreal, in a quiet neighbourhood, and full of potential. The thing is, we don't actually have that much stuff and yet it feels like we're bursting at the seems. So after the big condo purge, coming to yours truly's condo very soon, creating space and storage is my next big adventure. (Of course, if we had the space, the bookshelf seen here is my absolute dream...) Advice, feedback, inspiration, and design tips are all welcome.

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