Wednesday, October 28, 2009

mayla, the purring wonder cat

My cat and I have a daily tradition. She may or may not object to it (be a willing participant) but she's a good sport and puts up with it. I figure it's a fair trade off given that she wakes me every morning with her rather less than endearing Siamese cat meow. But every morning, at some point, I pick her up and hug her. What's special about this hug is that I always lay my head against her body and listen to her purr. There is something about the deep vibrating purr that she does that just fills me with happiness and makes the world a better place. In fact, during my moments of pure anxiety, nothing calms me faster than this particular Marya-Mayla routine we've developped over the past 10 years.

Seriously, it's amazing. It solves everything!

Verge of tears: Mayla purr hug
Wedding stress/Bridezilla breakdown: Quality snuggles with the little wee beastie
Big fight: Squish the cat
Cranky post traffic/commute rage: Bring on the purr monster
Money stress freakout (aka student loan woes): Crawl into bed with Ms Kittie
Public speaking anxiety: Practice while hugging the cat
Grad school thesis defense: Yes, you got it... purr...

By now you probably get the picture. Mayla is my soothing drug/balm of goodness. Listening to her purr puts the world back in perspective and calms even the most insiduous, insistent, manic, anxiety freakout. And I'm not joking. Seriously. So this blog is an ode to my little amazing go to cat. Because even though you woke me up this morning at 4:30am, you make my world a better place. I encourage everyone to find their own little purr monster of contentment.

According to Utne, our pets are more of an ecological disaster than an SUV, but an SUV will never make me as peacefully blissed out as my cat... so karmically I'm thinking that my cat does the world a whole lotta good! (GRRR anxiety ridden Marya is not a good sight!)

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