Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weddings, Weddings, and More Weddings: Oh My!

It's been a busy week. From flower shopping and trial bouquet making, to introducing both full sets of parents over a casual pizza dinner, things have been so busy that even Karen, who is on BC time, is rolling into bed at around 10pm.

I made a trial bouquet and boutonniere, which given that it was a first attempt, I was relatively pleased with. My mother arrived yesterday, had a go at the boutonniere, and her results really put my work to shame. Good thing mom is around to coordinate flower preparation! Yay for mom's who can make flower arrangements.

Thankfully, I think, all issues have been put to bed and now Paul and I have nothing more to worry about other than organizing the logistics of it all. Yay. Holy crap, I'm getting married in 3 days. How crazy and exciting is that? We've got a fair amount to take care of in the final days, but I think it's safe to say that we both feel relatively calm because most things are ready to go and just waiting for the right time to be delivered/done, etc.

Maybe a zen Marya bride is possible after all???

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