Monday, November 30, 2009

and the snow begins....

photo taken in the plateau neighbourhood 2 winters ago

Only a little while ago I was writing about how the weather was a topic of conversation, and this morning I need to be ready for said conversation to begin!

It's weird, while I dread the snow because once it starts I know they'll be months of the stuff, there comes a point in November when I start longing for snow. In the beginning, snow is just plain beautiful. And if it weren't for the hibernaty, inconvenience of living in it for 4.5 months, I'd actually have to admit to loving it. And even preferring it to the months of rain I grew up with on the wet west coast.

The warm glow from the street lights as the streets get all hushed, the bright, crisp days, the way that the holidays feel like a Hallmark holiday, and all of the city's ugliness hidden underneath this white layer.

But then the snow turns grey, we hear the sloshiness of tires against it, people slip on the sidewalks.... and then it's not so great any more.

Let the fun begin!

1 comment:

  1. I love snow! where I live in mo,it doesn't snow too often maybe once or twice in winter and it usually isn't very deep. I am sure if it snowed all the time I would get tired of it.



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