Thursday, November 19, 2009

book shelf lust

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This is what I feel like my books look like (minus the colour organization)

Here are some of the bookshelf ideas that inspire me...

Akin to the style I already have (Ikea Expedit/Billy):

A very different look for me.
Romantic, French Proven├žal style:

Country charm and for a house with a lot of space and light
Crates for a rustic look:

Probably more my style (as already sort of established) and full of colour!!!!:

I know, lately I've been all about home decor. Probably because we're trying to figure out if we're staying put, or if we're going to move to a bigger space. Either way, something needs to be done to tidy up and better organize the space. I like our condo, but it feels drab to me and in need of a style or a decor that gives it a feel/atmosphere instead of what feels just sort of blah to me...

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