Sunday, November 22, 2009

condo revamp - in progress

Not so long ago, I posted about making the most of condo space as I geared up towards revamping the space we live in. So after some discussion, Paul is onboard and we've started the great condo revamp of 2009.

Here are our before/in progress pictures. I'll update with the final version when it's all done!

As you can see, we've added another Ikea Expedit shelf into our home, we really are an Expedit family! Why we choose to torture ourselves with this particular brand of Ikea furniture is a mystery to me. At least this time I didn't end up straddling the bookshelf in order to hold it together while Paul screwed things in (which I did for the shelf you'll see below!) Wow, that sounds pretty bad as I reread it, but it was intended to be an entirely PG13 comment!

The chaos from which I am currently typing! The smaller Expedit (with the fancy new blue baskets) will go into the office (no, that's not the one I straddled!) and will be used for crafting stuff (the picture of our office will explain why I need hidden baskets!)

The Expedit bookshelf I straddled!

As you can see, we're not using it to it's optimal potential. Something that needs to be fixed, urgently, and will hopefully be accomplished in the next week as we complete our project. Side note: fricken Ikea went and discontinued the bloody wicker baskets! GRRRR... so now if I want more, I need to watch the stores frantically and nab some before they're completely gone (Feb 2010).

And now for the office! (It's a mess, almost entirely of my making... I confess!)

The small expedit will replace the mini shelf you see behind the black office chair (hopefully allowing my crafting goods to stay tidy (or at least maintain the illusion of being tidy ... cause that's what really counts!)

And our closet, featured below, our prime source of shame and absolutely wasted space, will receive new built in shelving in order to optimize the space. We'll be able to store extra bedding, linens, Christmas stuff, etc... and it will hopefully be more user friendly!

2 of our dining room chairs will be stored on the bottom shelf (once installed) and the other 2 will go to Paul's parents to be stored in their basement. I'm excited to see the end result! Now if only Paul would wake up so that we can get it started! (it's 7am on Sunday... ).

Hopefully I'll be able to update with photos by the end of next week! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Because if we can create more storage space, maybe the condo will feel less cluttered, and we won't feel so much like we need to move to a bigger space. Cause I really don't want to house hunt, pack and move. I'm tired of moving. When you've lived in 16 places in 13 years... well, just the thought of packing boxes again makes me shudder...


  1. you are a brave brave woman!! It certainly looks like an interesting project though. I haven't been to my Ikea for ages - I am due a trip soon!! ;-)

  2. thanks. trust me, as I look around my home, not even half way finished in the living room, I wonder how smart of a move it really was....



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