Monday, November 2, 2009

crafty sunday

So now that the wedding dust has settled, yours truly got to spend some time crafting yesterday. The day started off quietly, tea and conversation with my sweetie (yup, I wrote that..) and then I shifted focus and went to work.

It started with a re-organizing/cleaning of craft space:

It's only a few steps from this to the ideal craft room I posted about previously, n'est ce pas? (and yes, this is the tidied up version!) I'm not a particularly clean person, but order and clean spaces makes it so much easier to think/work. I wish that my awareness of this fact would translate into a more cleaning aware lifestyle, but I've known this for the past 10 years and it still hasn't taken hold! But there's hope, I'm cleaner now than I used to be.

To working on some holiday decor ideas, which I'm going to add to etsy and see how they do:

The balls are relatively easy to make, just a bit time consuming and require quite a bit of patience. Folding the cranes is easy once you know how to do it, but getting them in the ball and opening up the wings is an act of pure zen mastery! Seriously, the language that comes out of my mouth as I attempt this, without fail, verges on something that would even make my mother blush! Between 2 crochet hooks, the tenously threaded crane and my big fingers... it's a battle that has more stops and starts than I care to record. One day I'll take a picture of me at work doing this... tongue bitting and all!

Next I was cutting up squares to try my hand at creating a quilted patchwork table runner (intended to look less down home country and more modern kitsch... at least that's my vision).

Overall it was a great day. I needed the crafting time. It'd been too long. I was feeling like this blog was getting a bit dull and overrun with blah nothingness because I was feeling less than inspired to write lately. Spending the day crafting has made me feel more creative and energetic again.

It's funny, I spent years in academia, minimizing any and all creativity as I focused on analyzing other's creativity (aka writing a thesis about sonnets from India) and I never realized how soul withering it was to live without creativity until I brought it back into my life. My soul needs a creative outlet and for me, that tends to be through crafts. I don't draw, my music skills are limited, and writing, as much as I enjoy it, isn't quite it for me. (Though I really enjoy blogging, probably even more than trying to write creatively).

Anyways, I've been thinking a lot lately about what I want to do in my life in terms of spare time now that my life isn't consumed with working too many jobs or planning a wedding and the resounding answer for me is to develop my creative outlets. I think about going back to teaching a night course and as much as I enjoy teaching, the very thought of working 2 jobs again fills me with exhaustion. Student loans be damned, I'm not doing it again! I've thought about going back and doing a Master's in Education, but I don't think that I'm ready to commit to another master's program just yet. When I think about hitting the books again, I'm both excited (cause I'm a big nerd who likes to learn) but writing essays and having homework... blech. The only kind of courses that really appeal to me are things like photography, knitting, or sewing. So I think that for now, that's just where I'm at and I need to embrace it.

At this point in my life it's time to feed my creative soul.

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