Monday, November 2, 2009

google, cameras, and privacy invasion

When google maps has gone too far:

Photo captured from google maps. Did you know that you can now drag an icon on a location, zoom in, and see the house in question? When we do this to our condo (cause the image above is a random selection from a street I lived on 9 years ago) the picture was from spring but you could actually see into our house. Yes, from the plants in the windows to what was on our kitchen table. What made me all the more uncomfortable was that if it zoomed in more, you could probably tell that no one was home and what we have in our living room to steal. Seriously, what satellites are out there for them to get these images and how much of our private lives are being invaded by said cameras?

I'm not a big conspiracy theorist (I'm entertained by the ideas but not seriously that concerned by them) but this new awareness of how much google shows has given me pause. Why are cameras able to see so much into our homes? It's one thing to zoom into a highway for traffic info, but quite another to capture images, even if they are 6 months old, that show details of our private lives.

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