Monday, November 16, 2009

happiness, crafts, and green eggs and ham.

I wouldn't trade my 30s in for my 20s for anything. Seriously. Life, even with all of its foibles and various down points, has never been better. I'm happier than I've ever been.

Yes, my house is a mess and it drives my husband crazy.
Yes, my cat wakes me up every morning, waiting for me to open the blinds so she can lick the dew off the windows even though she has a fresh bowl of water.
Yes, I drive a car to work and curse my car consuming ways and wish I was a better environmentalist.

Yes, yes, yes, to a wide array of other little things.

But at the end of the day, none of these things really matter because I really have nothing of import to complain about. I could rant about a ton of political issues, or long for various goods (a bigger home, more money, new clothes), or vent about the small insignificant family and friend things that we all go through, but really, what would be the point? Besides, I'm so utterly uninterested in it at this point in my life that one might even venture to say that I'm experiencing an uncharacteristic bout of pure Polyanna-esque happiness. Which makes sitting down to blog a bit of a challenge sometimes because I really don't have much to say.

Yes people, stop the presses, Marya has nothing to say!

But seriously, how many times can I blather on about being happy? Or the various crafts that I'm doing? Or that I went to Michael's in Kingston with a friend that I've known for like forever and got a little crazy about the crafts.... Or the new books that I've recently added to my collection? (ok, I could write about that!)

New crafting books in the collection (and oh so very pretty and inspiring):

I'm very excited about them all! Oh yes, aprons, skirts, and various other things are coming your way in the not so distant future! Woo hoo!

And wait, la piece de résistance:

Seriously, how cool is that? It actually has a recipe for Green Eggs and Ham and a Pink Yink Ink Drink, both of which are totally edible and would be a blast to make!

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