Wednesday, November 11, 2009

jewelry storage ideas

For those of you who know me personally, you know that I am a lover of jewelry. It's a trait I come by fairly as my grandmother's jewelry collection still puts me to shame. Seriously, I wish I had a photo of her jewelry collection. She stored it everywhere, from coffee mug racks (see 2nd image, 3rd row), earring pin cushions, huge stand alone toolboxes, to tupperware containers in the top drawer of her dresser. She even had some tucked away in her spice rack! (I'm not even beginning to do her collection justice). It was a sight to behold. Nowadays her collection is tamer, but still something to talk about.

My meager collection (bigger than many but much smaller than Grandma's) was born  from and nurtured by her love of jewelry. Costume or real, I love me the fancy baubles. In fact, I actually prefer costume jewelry. Beads and buttons, I'm your gal. However, storing said collection presents me with some logistical woes. From tacks on the wall to boxes on my dresser (when I had a dresser), keeping my necklaces and various other sundries has been a challenge.

Inspired about a year ago by a piece in a Blueprint magazine (no longer in print... see Martha Stewart), I devised my own jewelry tree. It has served me well over the past year, but I'm finding that I need extra dishes and such for the non-hanging pieces. So I went on a search for unique and interesting jewelry storage ideas. Here's what I came up with:

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My current jewelry tree was inspired by the first image in the 3rd row (manzilla tree against the red background - quick note, if you need to cut this wood bring out a saw, it's very strong which makes it very sturdy and reliable if you're hanging a lot of necklaces from it). However, I'm really intrigued by the idea of using shadow boxes (see image 1 in 1st row) or a cake stand. I just don't know if they'd be able to hold all of my little gems. For the moment I'll keep the system that I have, but at one point I'm going to have to rethink things a bit in order to take the smaller pieces into account.


  1. Maybe you could do a whole wall display of shadowboxes in your bedroom and turn your jewelry into an avant garde form of art. Hang it on the wall instead of store it!

    -V. ;D

  2. I love seeing all of the different jewelry displays - one can never have too much jewelry!



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