Monday, November 23, 2009

project mayhem

Ever started a project where you wanted to throw in the towel before you're even halfway done? Or started something that seemed like it would be relatively easy to do, only to find out just how much work it actually entails once you're in the midst of chaos?

Don't get me wrong, I KNOW that this condo revamp will be a good thing. We'll be more organized and the space will feel more liveable. In fact, our living room already feels much nicer.... but we still have such a bloody long way to go still that it's a little daunting. It's not the putting in new furniture or decorating bits that are daunting, it's the sorting and organizing of said space once it's created and the purging of uneccessary goods as we do this that is striking me as being quite a large and overwhelming task.

Will it be a good thing once it's done? Hell's yes! Am I looking forward to sorting through all my junk? Hell's no! [insert big heavy sigh here] But I know it's for the best. So the great condo revamp of 2009 continues....

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