Monday, November 9, 2009


We headed up to Mont Tremblant this past weekend. On the way up we drove through snow:

I of course, had a bit of melt down at the thought of snow. I'm not ready for winter yet, and yet this is a sure sign that winter is on its way. [insert big sigh here]

By the time we arrived to the cottage, I was covered in coffee and apple juice, both courtesy of the fantastically smooth roads in Quebec, not that I'm bitter or anything... snow and coffee covered shirt... the weekend was off to a good start. Did I mention that I was also sick (congested) during this trip?

Anyways, even though I was sick it was a fun weekend. We ate delicious food, compliments of our hosts, Mark and Katie. They made a yummy veggie Slovenian mushroom bread cup soup.

See photo of bread cups. Must get recipe....
After lunch we sampled the new Molson M beer (it comes out in a week or 2 but one of the group works there so we got the sneak peak). It was actually pretty good. To be honest, I'm not a big Molson beer drinker but this is a beer that I'd actually drink regularly. It's smooth but not too heavy.

And then we moved on to games:

Cranium (the boys beat us by one point but they gloated all weekend) but that's ok cause the girls (though not me included) beat them at old school Super Mario.

Overall it was a good weekend. Thanks Mark and Katie!

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