Tuesday, November 10, 2009

veggie phylo rolls

One month wedding anniversary today!


Tried out a new recipe Monday night. Actually I tried out a combination of 2 recipes and used phylo dough for the first time. Recipes combo from Australian Women's Weekly (vegetarian) and Vegetarian Times magazine.

Spinach, basil, cheese stuffed phylo rolls (Paul approved)

Filing (all measurements approximative):

4 mushrooms
3 stalks of green onions (shallotts)
1/2 red and 1/4 green peppers
1/4 tofu
1/4 cup red lentils
approx 1 tbsp basil
1 clove garlic
4 leaves of spinach

sauteed together with butter. started with mushrooms and butter and then added the rest once the mushrooms were done.

1/4 cup cottage cheese
1 cup cheddar cheese

put in food processor and pureed

spooned into phylo squares and rolled.
top buttered and sprinkled with sesame seeds.
baked for 20 mins @ 350

They were actually very savory considering that the only spice added was basil. I was concerned that the filling would be heavy but I was actually very pleased with my experiment. I will be making these goodies again.

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  1. Yeah, the phylo bake with asperagus that I make is basically onions, basil, and cheese for seasoning (yes, I count cheese as a seasoning), and it is way delicious. It's surprising how much taste you can get out of really basic ingredients.

    -V. ;D



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