Friday, December 4, 2009

best of 2009: best book

This year was all about weddings, so even though I read a lot this year, nothing really stands out for me like Rebecca Mead's One Perfect Day, which I wrote about here.

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I know that there are elements of the research that others take issue with, but as I struggled with what marriage means in this day and age and questioned why the hell I was going through this ritual, this book helped to remind me to keep the day in perspective and that all the choices we make are ultimately linked to some aspect of consumerism. From the Elvis Chapel of Love to the Destination Wedding to the Big Fat Catholic Wedding that I felt like I was having, each variation on a theme is drenched in consumeristic culture and familial/societal expectations.Remember that simple fact helped me reconcile my vision of what a wedding should be to what my wedding was going to be.

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