Monday, December 14, 2009

best of 2009: food and home

This weekend I took a break from blogging (though technically I did that last weekend too... ahh, the joy of scheduled blog posts), so now I'm catching up on the best of 2009 posts. For Dec 13th the prompt was best change to your home in 2009. We've changed quite a bit in our condo over the past year in an effort to make the space feel roomier and more  homey. Each change has gradually morphed into the space that we have now, which is the best of them all so far. See photos above and below. The living room actually feels like a home now, which is a major improvement. There was something about what we had before that was blah and utilitarian, that felt cramped and sterile. The addition of the bookshelf above has really opened up the space because it's drawn the visual line up and made the space feel less cluttered and small because of it.

Our mini shrine to us and our wedded bliss in the hallway has replaced the hodge podge collection of photos we once had up. And the office is become cleaner (still needs a bit of work) but when the space is clean it's actually quite user friendly and spacious! All in all this was the best change (done all at the same time) because it created more space and made the condo feel more homey.

Now on to food:

My best food discovery of the year was phylo, as used in my lentil veggie phylo rolls, recipe here. I'd never cooked with phylo but decided to experiment by combining 2 recipes. The results, despite being surprisingly low on the use of spices, were incredibly savoury and yummy. I will definitely be making these goodies again! Yummmm.... phylo.

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