Saturday, December 5, 2009

best of 2009: night out, night in

My best night out was actually a night in and it included some of my best girlfriends and some very indecent, incriminating photos!

I never wanted the traditional bachelorette send off. The idea of being decked out in tacky faux wedding gear, whilst parading around and announcing that it was the boys last chance... yeah, just made me shudder.

So I asked my dearest lady friends to come over to our place the night before the wedding for cocktails and festivities. Nothing over the top, just food, drinks, and chatting. But then my lovely lady friends decided to amp it up a notch with these lovely straws (and other items not to be displayed online).

It was a quiet night but memorable for me because it was the first time in age where most of my bestest lady friends were all in the same room. From London to Vancouver they convened in the small living room of my Montreal condo and shared wine through R rated straws, just for me. And I love them all for being good sports and coming out.

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