Wednesday, December 16, 2009

best of 2009: packaging

Hands down, these were the best packaged items that I came across in 2009. The test tube vials of flavoured salts, spices, and teas in a shop in Nice were so lovely that I ended up taking at least 3 pictures (at least) and going back to buy some tea in a tube for a friend.

The 2nd runner up goes out to an etsy seller: RedRubyRose. I bought 2 clutches from her for my wedding and when they arrived they were wrapped so lovely that I felt like I was unwrapping a gift for myself (which I kind of was...). She had them in a red box with a ribbon around the purses inside, sewn up with a button and it was so professional and smart looking that I was incredibly impressed and promised myself that I would emulate her packing artistry for any items that I sent out to customers.

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