Monday, December 21, 2009

best of 2009: project

The project that I started this year? Making crane ornaments for etsy. There have been a few bumps along the way as I learn my way around etsy and the postal system (who knew it'd cost more to mail an ornament in Canada than the USA)? But mostly I'm just happy to be able to have this side project that nurtures my creativity and that people find beautiful enough to want to buy them for their own home or friend's home.
In fact, making these ornaments for etsy is only a small part of a larger project I've been working on in 2009: nurturing my creativity. I spent years in school, living in an academic bubble, focused on analyzing other's art and never creating anything of my own. I loved (and still love) literary analysis and there are days that I long to go back to that space and write a PhD thesis on the sonnets of Vikram Seth and A.K. Ramanujan but now that I've started to realize how important creativity is in order for me to feel balanced in life, I know that even if I did go back, I would always need to leave myself space for crafting and creating. (Though I suppose that writing a graduate thesis is a form of creating too).

Obviously knowing that you need a certain amount of balance in your life isn't exactly a shocking realization, but the realization that this was actually something that was missing and is vital to my sense of well being, well that was a profound realization for me. And it's one that I'm not entirely sure I would have realized if it hadn't been for all the crafting that I did for our wedding and learning to use the web to discover and share ideas because of it. Ah, the unexpected side effects of wedding planning where you least expect them...

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