Tuesday, December 1, 2009

blogging by mail - received

Out of curiousity and sense of holiday spirit, I signed up to do a holiday gift exchange - blogging by mail. I sent off my package to Australia last week and I received my blogging by mail gift last night. (I'm sorry Michelle, I think your package is going to take much longer than mine did....). When the sites that were participating went up, I checked them out and noticed that one was from the Netherlands and I thought to myself, "Marya, wouldn't it just be such an irony if you, the Canadian girl with the Dutch mother, was paired with the Dutch blogger." And wouldn't you know, I was!

So now, a recipe for my well loved speculaas cookies from my childhood, complete with a fun cookie cutter, have made their way to my doorstep all the way from the Netherlands. And oh so many other yummy Dutch goodies... some of which I grew up with and some of which are new to me. It couldn't have worked out better! Thank you Lien from http://www.notitievanlien.blogspot.com/ , your "take me away" brought back many warm memories from childhood. Yum!!!!

Oh, and the candle wrapping did indeed keep the scent out of the food... although my entire condo now smells like cranberries! :P


  1. woooh that looks fabulous!! I can't wait for my box to arrive, both here and where I sent mine! It's good fun isn't it!?

  2. Well that was definitely a lucky match. What a lovely holiday gift.

  3. Thanks all. It was a lucky match. Stephanie had no idea when she did it. I can't wait for mine to arrive either... though I suspect it's going to take a tad bit longer.... hope you all enjoy your packages when they arrive!

  4. That is such a coincidence.. never knew you had a dutch mother. So glad you like it and recognise the products too. It was all my pleasure to send it (and I agree that went pretty fast!). I hope you have fun memories using it.
    Cheers Lien.

  5. Looks like a fabulous package- I love looking at labels on food from other countries :)

  6. What a great package you received. I had Morven as my partner-she sent me an incredible package. I made dinner tonight from the recipe book she sent me.



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