Thursday, December 31, 2009

leaving the island

We leave the island today in order to begin our trek back home to Montreal. The trip has been fun. From seeing my Grandma (who, in case you didn't know this, is one of my favouritest people in the world... yup the world!) and joking around with her and my cousin (who I haven't seen since before I left BC) my uncle and my great aunt, to the big famn damily reunion with my step-dad's family, to playing scrabble with my parents and husband (who beat us by a long shot), to just having some time with my 2 little brothers, the trip has been good.

But that said, I am ready to go home. Because as much as I miss the trees, family, ocean, and weather, BC is no longer my home. It makes me sad to realize and write that, but it's true. My life isn't here anymore, it's there.

On a more positive note though, it looks like I'll be able to import a little bit of here to there come the end of Jan, beginning of Feb. It looks like my little brother is going to venture the cold climes of eastern Canada and try life out in Montreal. Soon my little condo, with all it's recent revamps, will be facing yet another revamp as we make space for him. My poor husband, now he's going to have 2 messy roommates!

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