Friday, December 18, 2009

owl-ie goodness!

While I was in New York city a few weeks ago, I discovered the above t-shirt and immediately had to have it. The colours in the image don't do it justice (which is somewhat ironic given that it was taken from the website... the shirt is more of a dark brown). Image of T-shirt from David and Goliath. But it's just so cute that I couldn't possibly resist it. I haven't worn it to work yet, but it's making the trip home to BC so that I can show it to Grandma when we get there!
My grandmother always loved owls. For years the staircase in her home was decorated with a wide collection of owl items. Much like the one of your right (image from here). Whenever I found an item that had an owl on it, I would harass my mom to buy it for her. I'm sure that on some level her "collection" was based more out of obligation and love for her grandchildren than her own great love of owls! There are probably a great many people out there who could make that claim. That said, the discovery of the "We're in Cahoots" tshirt whilst in New York, has prompted a re-discovery of owls in yours truly. Maybe it's partially due to my fond memories of Grandma's place, or due to the recent fixation/rage in craft-land on birds, but these owls are just tickling my fancy these days!

So now I have started to keep my eye out for owl related goods:

from Whip Up                                             from moonstitches

from kidsstuffworld                                                 from CraftJuice

And I'm thinking about making a blanket, something like this one but with owls, eventually, in a time far away from now:

Ideally I'd only have one or 2 owls on the blanket but I just think it's sooooo cute that I can't resist the idea. One day, when my sewing is at that level, I will give it a go!

Suffice to say, I may have to rethink my moratorium on stuffed animals in the house in order to embrace my new found love of all things owl!


  1. The ornament is gorgeous! Love it. I'd buy one if I knew when I was going to be able to use it. (We decorated a rosemary bush this year...)

    Thanks for checking out my blog today. I can't believe you're living in Montreal. I grew up in Plattsburgh, NY. I've only lived in Charlotte for 8 yrs. So, I completely understand what you are going through with the weather.

    Thinking of you!

  2. Thank you. I'm glad to hear you like the cranes.



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