Saturday, January 30, 2010

ani difranco


Last night I saw Ani Difranco for the first time. I’ve always meant to see her, but I was always poor when she came to town. So even though I haven’t really followed her newer stuff, last night was a long time coming.


I loved that even though there was a lot of music I didn’t know, she managed to change it up by making sure that even the songs I do know where different. She played them with more intensity or slightly different rhythms and managed to make them familiar yet new. And watching her on stage was really quite impressive. She defied the angry folk chick stereotype and actually came across more like a serious guitar rocker. If I was expecting angry, coffee shop angst, I was pleasantly surprised by what I got instead.


So thank you Ani for keeping it real and defying gender stereotypes by rocking it out last night.  You truly are one of my female role models and I wish more young girls had female icons who had as much integrity and as many positive values to promote. Britney, Lady Gagy, Beyonce and the rest of them have nothing on you!

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