Monday, January 11, 2010

dishclothes and birthdays


I turn 33 tomorrow. Craziness. Paul and I went out for Indian food on Friday to celebrate (yum… Indian food) and Saturday was dinner with his family (and I received some very lovely gifts from all of them, which was a total surprise as I wasn’t expecting anything). Otherwise it’s going to be a low key birthday. Some years I’m more motivated than others to celebrate (nothing to do with the age) and this year is one of them.

I’ve been reading and relaxing, sort of hibernating in my own little bubble and enjoying that space. So this year’s birthday is going to build on that theme.

Work, Nia,and then a quiet evening at home.

Otherwise, I’ve been crocheting dishclothes again, this time trying out red stripes in the simple SC pattern. The 2 that you see above are my first ventures. The bottom one is complete but the top one is still in progress.

I’ve discovered that crocheting I need to remember to ease up on the tension because my hands end up hurting because I’m pulling the tension too tight. Which is funny because when I knit I am the exact opposite. I need to remember to pull things tighter because my knits are generally very loose. Making these little dishclothes have been great in terms of realizing these kind of little details…


Between crocheting, reading, and getting back to work, my days have felt busy but calm. And that feels like what I need most at the moment. So instead of rushing around, drawing everyone together to celebrate my birthday because that’s what I’m supposed to do, I’m just going to take the time for me. I’ve been feeling very introspective lately and I just want to be able to embrace that space to the fullest at the moment.

So yay for 33 and a little bit of soul searching.

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