Friday, January 15, 2010

learning to scrapbook – take one


And she emerges from her cave….

Know any good scrapbooking resources?

I’ve always seen these amazing online images of scrapbooks out there and have long been curious about how to make my own. So I downloaded a free digital scrapbooking program, Scrapbook Flair and some free pages/elements etc from Shabby Princess and got to work. What you see above is my first attempt. I have to be honest, the program is fairly basic but limited (hey, it’s free right?). It doesn’t seem to allow users to rotate images, which is a pain in the ass (though there’s also just a chance that I haven’t figured it out yet!) or manipulate photos to zoom in or out.

I enjoyed the process and look forward to seeing what else I can create. The whole world of scrapbooking strikes me as quite complicated and a bit overwhelming but I’d like to create photo albums that are more than just photos shoved into a book. I want to create a book worthy of our memories; a book that tells the story our life together.

Figuring out how to do that is just part of the adventure!

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