Friday, January 29, 2010

lotus jewelry

Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a jewelry whore. I LOVE the bling, always have and always will (I’ve even written about it before). But the thing is, whilst this writer loves her some flashy gems, she’s all about trying to keep things kosher on the ethical consumerism front.

Fall2008049 When shopping for engagement rings, I had 2 criteria that had to be met.

1. that the ring had to be reasonably priced
2. that the ring be ethical and sustainable

And not only were both met, I love the final selection (see left). My ring was purchased from an estate sale, was actually on sale (on top of a very reasonable price) and is unique, cause I didn’t want to be another diamond ring girl. (Not that there’s anything wrong with diamonds, per se… I just wanted something uniquely me).

While we were looking around at rings, I stumbled upon Brilliant Earth and fell in love. In fact, ifBE2  I’d gone the diamond route (cause Paul was a one point in our shopping, attached to the idea that my engagement ring needed to be a diamond), this ring from Brilliant Earth (right) was the only one that ever came close to really catching my eye. Not that I have any regrets… rest assured I am still completely satisfied with the ring I have.

But the point of all this musing is to say that I love Brilliant Earth jewelry and my most recent Brilliant Earth discovery, the pendant shown above, only confirms my continued love of this site. Because let’s face it, it’s simple (Zen-like), silver, ethical, AND a lotus symbol (because I likes the lotuses): how much happier could one piece of jewelry make me?

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